Yoga, Intuition Development and more...


The Last Day of Classes will Be Saturday May 7th.

Thank you all for making this year in Cornish so amazing! Please stay in touch!  Don't forget Josephine will still be available for private sessions via Skype/Phone even though she will no longer be in Maine!  

Class Schedule

Intuitive Yoga

All Level Class

Tuesday 630pm

Thursday 630pm


Restorative Class

Monday 500pm

Thursday 500pm


Power Yoga Class

Monday 630pm


The next all-level donation class is: Wednesday, April 27th


A unique yoga experience lead by Everybody's founder, C. Josephine Wilkins. These classes pull from a variety of  traditional styles of yoga, using the poses to cultivate the intuitive self and create the life and body you love. 

The All Level Class is a basic level gentle traditional yoga experience with Josephine's unique intuitive twist, with optional modifications for more advanced students looking for more of a challenge.

The Restorative Class is a relaxing yoga experience that uses bolsters and other props to open the body up to a more profound state of rest, peace and tranquility and a deeper connection to your higher intuitive self.

The Power Yoga Class is a traditional yoga experience - still with Josephine's unique intuitive twist - but more focused on toning, conditioning and strengthening the body.  This class is designed for students looking for workout.


$15   one hour session*.  

$100 ten session package card (Save $50)

Note: Yoga Package cards may also be used for Group Intuitive Sessions and vice-versa.

*The last Wednesday of each month Everybody's typically holds an all levels class at 6:30pm that is by Donation Only benefiting the Harvest Hills Animal Shelter for this class any and all donation amounts are acceptable.

Group Intuitive Session

Saturday 12:30pm



Get your questions answered while learning the practices and techniques that will build your own intuitive muscles.

$15   one hour session.  

$100 ten session package card (Save $50)

Note: Yoga Package cards may also be used for Group Intuitive Sessions and vice-versa.


Private Intuitive Yoga Session

By Appointment


Need more individual attention than you can get in a group class?   Customized to meet whatever health needs and life goals you have, these one-on-one intuitive yoga sessions with C. Josephine are just the kind of yoga class you've been looking for.  

These sessions can be done over Skype if that works better for you.  So not being in Maine, is no excuse to miss out.  

Please inquire about current pricing.


GUIDED Intuitive Session 

By Appointment



Better understand what is blocking you from creating a life you love with C. Josephine as she acts as your intuitive guide working with you to create practical programs to get you better connected to your intuitive self and back on track when it comes to understanding what gets you feeling better.

Not in Maine?  Not a problem.  These sessions can also be done over the phone or on Skype if that works better for you.

Please inquire about current pricing.


New Moon Ceremony

Saturday May 7th, 2016

10am - 12pm


The night of the new moon each month is a powerful time for the universe.  Take advantage of it with an hour of focused intuitive yoga session followed by an hour long group intuition development session celebrating your manifestations and victories over the last month and set the coming month's intentions as you enjoy the magic of powerfully creating a life you love.  Women only.  

Space is limited.  Please RSVP.

$35 two hour session.

Pricing Includes:  a gentle yoga class followed by a group intuitive development workshop.